During our fundraising efforts for The Children’s Hospital of Minnesota, we are also checking in with past donation centers to see how they are doing. Our first update comes from Ruth at The Sinakekle Home in South Africa. Ms. Ruth writes:

Hi Cristy,
Thank you so much for your email. We could certainly use more toothbrush supplies. We currently have 4 toddlers / babies in our transition home, and these children are all only in temporary care – awaiting permanent placement into “Forever Families”.
We started a recreation centre for the children in our impoverished community each Saturday and have between 50 – 60 kids come each Saturday to do arts and crafts, and to play, and borrow books from our library each Saturday. The bigger kids borrow books to assist them with schoolwork and projects. It is a wonderful time of outreach. This community has absolutely no facilities. No library / no play ground ….. nothing.

While we continue to ask for your support for The Children’s Cancer Fund, this letter denotes the ongoing need of supplies.
Please consider donating via our donation page or at: