2018 brings new opportunities to make meaningful impacts in others’ lives! Do good this year by supporting our cause of providing necessary dental supplies to children and families in need.

In addition to helping improve their dental health, your contributions embody the power of selflessness and will send messages of hope to those in need. Every donation, regardless of amount, can make a difference! For instance:

$5 can fund 300 floss picks
$20 can buy 144 0.6oz cases of toothpaste
$50 can fund more than 200 toothbrushes

These supplies support hundreds of children in orphanages as well as those who are experiencing consequences of natural disasters. In the face of recent wildfires and mudslides in California, your help is even more important. Thomas Fire destroyed more than 1,000 homes and buildings, and subsequent intense rain has resulted in major mudslides—further endangers hundreds of Southern Californians.

Give now by visiting http://t4tsmiles.org/donate/. Bring smiles to children in need—one toothbrush at a time!