Dental Problems Facing the Elderly

More than 65 million people nationwide count on Medicare for their health care, including senior citizens once they turn 65 and many adults with disabilities.

However, this health program doesn’t include comprehensive dental care, a gap that pushes oral health care out of reach. This gap is especially harmful for seniors who live on limited incomes, in rural communities, or who face systemic racial inequities.

The Importance of Oral Health for Seniors

America’s elderly are predisposed to more health challenges than younger people. Lacking equitable access to dental care compounds the harm of systemic disease and can increase seniors’ risk of life-altering diagnoses:

  • Untreated gum disease can make it harder to manage chronic illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • Adults with poor oral health, including tooth loss, are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease and face memory problems.
  • Dental disease can also place seniors at greater risk of developing cancer, including in the mouth, breast, and prostate.

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