Please view the below link. As we work to help impede these orphanages are still a high-risk group of oral health diseases.

We are ready to send a donation to the Al Ihssane Children’s association but are in need of extra toothpaste and small funds for shipping.

The AL IHSSANE association is an association of volunteers, apolitical and non-profit communities.
It manages the Lalla Hasnaâ Children’s House, the only structure in the Wilaya of Grand Casablanca Settat that welcomes babies and children deprived of families, from birth to school age (6 years).
Each year, around 100 children arrive at the Children’s House. Most of these are abandoned infants, lost children or small children whose parents find themselves in situations that do not allow them to care for them; and among these children, there are also the physically or mentally handicapped, who remain for life in the Baouafi center.
Since its creation, the AL IHSSANE association has strived to welcome these children in the best possible conditions, to enable them to live in dignity and as “normally” as possible, while being cared for, educated and supported.

You may visit the Children’s House and a supporting article below: